Over the past decade, the Navy has proposed a series of cumulative and overlapping actions within the CNMI that continue to strain its resources. These actions include relocating thousands of military personnel from Japan to Guam, related expansion of infrastructure and training, expansion of ocean training live-fire ranges, and significant expansion of training on Tinian and proposed new training areas on Pagan Island.

The CNMI has accommodated Navy training in the past with long term leases for non-live fire exercises on the north third of Tinian Island and bombing of the island of Farallon de Medinilla. These additional expansion proposals of training on land and the waters surrounding the CNMI will affect physical and natural resources and the well-being of the people of the CNMI.

These actions are summarized below and a link is provided for additional details.

Military Activities

This proposed project (cantonment, housing, and a Live Fire Training Range Complex [LFTRC]) is located at Finegayan, Guam (northwest cost) and at Anderson Air Force Base (Yigo, located on Guam’s northeast coast).

This proposed project is located on Tinian on land (for fuel pipeline and associated buildings and systems) and roads between and including the seaport and the airport.

This proposed project would occur within the transit corridor between the MIRC and the Hawaii Range Complex and on Farallon de Medinilla).

This proposed project is located at MIRC, on the northwest coast of Guam near the town of Hagatña. MIRC provides urban training environments, airspace training, surface and subsurface seaspace training, and live ordinance training in authorized training spaces.

The proposed CNMI Joint Military Training project would include construction and operation of a unit level Range and Training Area (RTA) on Tinian and a combined level RTA on Pagan. An RTA is a collection of closely located live-fire ranges, training courses, maneuver areas, and associated support facilities.

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